Relapsing Nephrotic Syndrome Associated with COVID-19

Jusli Aras, Andi Utari Dwi Rahayu, Husein Albar


An 8-year and 2 month-old girl presented with generalized oedema for 2 days with mild cough and shortness of breath. She was diagnosed as relapsing nephrotic syndrome (NS) and Community Acquired Pneumonia due to COVID-19 infection. The patient was discharged with complete remission NS and repeated negative PCR for SARS-CoV-2 from nasopharyngeal swabs. It is important to consider COVID-19 infection as a likely trigger to relapsing NS in children.

Seorang anak perempuan umur 8 tahun 2 bulan masuk rumah sakit karena edema anasarca selama 2 hari disertai batuk ringan dan sulit bernapas. Diagnosis adalah sindrom nefrotik relaps, pneumonia COVID-19, dan malnutrisi. Pasien dipulangkan setelah sindrom nefrotik remisi dan hasil PCR SARS-CoV-2 negatif. Infeksi COVID-19 penting dipertimbangkan sebagai pencetus relaps sindrom nefrotik.

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