Vol. 51 No. 7 (2024): General Medicine

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Perhaps not many colleagues have encountered a case of rabies, a fatal disease for which there is still no causal therapy. One of the articles in this issue should remind all of us of the potential for this disease, especially in areas where there are many domestic animals.
The maxillofacial trauma research report is expected to add to the epidemiologic data on trauma in Indonesia that still needs to be completed. It should increase the interest of colleagues to design similar studies; the completeness of disease data will greatly assist future health service planning.
A case of pituitary hemorrhage associated with anticoagulant use is discussed in order to raise awareness of the potential side effects of therapy, although it should not cause excessive concern; benefit-risk considerations should always guide any medical action plan. Several articles on skin problems round out this issue, concluding with a piece on uterine transplantation.

Published: 01-07-2024