Vol. 51 No. 5 (2024): General Medicine

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Several sexuality topics are covered in this issue; issues that are still relatively rarely discussed openly, perhaps even in medical circles. It is time for these issues to be discussed in a more straightforward manner in order to provide valid information and data that can be used for adequate counseling and management. Although not many (prospective) patients are yet able to openly discuss them, the medical community should be ready to provide quality counseling and services. The openness of the world of communication and information should improve the knowledge and quality of counseling for health services that are more equitable to all people, thereby reducing sexual health risks caused by public ignorance.

Another problem that may be 'hidden' is hypertension in children, especially those who are obese, perhaps due to the notion that hypertension is an 'adult problem' and the specificity of how it is measured. Vigilance about this needs to be increased given its potential long-term complications in adulthood.

Published: 02-05-2024